#2028 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
It is 200am on sept.11.2002 and I am awake just like I was last year.My best friend eddie was leaving for colorado in about an hour.I stayed awake the entire night after he left for some strange reason.I watched it all go down live and continued to watch for the next 5 hours.
Later that day all of my good friends showed up at my house.WE were all talking about everything we were feeling.I can't remember who had the idea but it was a good one.The idea was to go up to the top of a local mountain and have a vigil(gatherig of friends).
It didn't change what had happened but it made all of us feel alot better.
I am sitting awake tonight the same way I was a year ago.The only difference tonight is I am prepared for septmber 11 this year.

NATHAN | 22 | New Hampshire

#2007 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
On September 11, 2001, I was a college senior attending my second to last semester of school. That morning, I was attending an 8 oíclock management class. Towards the end of the class period, we were working on a group project. I remember finishing up a few things and talking with some other people in my group about our project. One of the guys in my group was checking his voicemail on his cell phone when he then had a panicked look on his face and started telling us, ďThe World Trade Center has been bombed! The World Trade Center in New York has been bombed!Ē

Because of the first Trade Center bombing, I donít think I fully realized the extent of the catastrophe. I donít think there was any way for me to understand how horrible it really was. Since I had a break between classes, I went to the computer lab down the hall to check out the news stories on CNN or MSNBC. Several other people sitting nearby were trying to do the same exact thing. We were all looking off of each othersí monitors trying to find a site that wasnít overwhelmed with traffic. At the same time, I logged into my email and found message after message from a Sarah McLachlan email list, all sent within seconds of each other and all pertaining to the attacks. After seeing my inbox, it finally hit me that this was no ordinary day. I think I finally saw a picture on MSNBC but I couldnít get any further to actually read the story. I donít think Iíll ever forget that photograph of the first tower with all of that black smoke.

At that point, I realized that I really needed to go home to see what was really happening. As I was driving home, all of the FM radio stations were talking about the attacks and they werenít playing any music. To hear such a grave tone on the normally light-hearted radio stations was one of the scariest moments in my life. Nobody knew what was going on and I suddenly felt so vulnerable. All of the absolutely terrible things that I never thought Iíd have to worry about in this country were happening to us and we didnít have any control over them. The whole time I was rushing home, I kept thinking, ďHow did this happen to us and why? Arenít we the number 1 superpower in the world? Arenít we supposed to be protected from this stuff?Ē When I got home, my parents had the TV tuned in to one of the news channels. I still couldnít believe my eyes. I stood there dumbfounded with my mouth open. I couldnít even sit down. It really felt like our whole world was coming to an end.

That whole day and the rest of that week and month made me realize how silly all of my small pity problems were. Here I was worrying about group projects and deadlines when thousands of innocent people were fighting just to stay alive. The images that I saw and the emotions that I felt that day will always be itched in my heart and mind. I will never forget what we have lost as a nation because some truly evil people found it easier to hate than to love their fellow man. May all those who lost their lives rest in peace and may those who are still suffering find inner calm.

Noor Ali-Hasan | 22 | Illinois

#1918 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was at work when the shockin events of 9/11 happened. We heard it on the radio and at first like many people i dont think i understood the enormity of what had just happened. I remember crying in my car on the way home as i listened to the radio. i called in to see my mum and then my brothers and nieces and nephews and feeling quite humbled that i had such a fantastic and beautiful family, and more selfishly that i still had them alive and around me. My thoughts went out the victims and their familys and still do now. And for the rest of my life my thoughts will continue going out to them on the anniversary of this tragic event.
Kirsty Sinclair | 22 | United Kingdom

#1885 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
September 11 was a day that I would remember, I got my licence that day. I was scheduled to play basketball but there was a bye, (we didn't play) so that night I went to watch volleyball at my stadium. I came home later that evening. My dad was watching the TV with an intesnse and some what worried look. I asked what was wrong, and he said have a look. It seems that a plane has hit one of the WTC towers. I looked at the TV and saw the smoke emerging from the impact site. I looked at my dad and I said to him, what was a plane doing so low? Dad, I think that this is no accident. The time is a bit fuzzy, it all happened quickly but I remember that my Dad and I were still watching CNN reports of the first plane slamming into the tower. When in the background of one of he camera shots we could see another plane. My dad says is that a helicopter or a plane? I said oh my GOD dad that plane is going to hit the second tower. No more than seconds after I said that, it slammed into the South tower. I remember my Dad and I looking at eachother almost in disbelief. We were flicking threw channels to see what the reports were saying. All of them had the same image, the WTC with the darkest of smoke coming out of it. I remember I started to think of the people inside. I started to get all teary and my breathing started to increase. Everyone knows of what events followed. The Pentagon hit, and the heroic passengers of Flight 93 who gave their lives to save others.
Then, what I thought and prayed that it wouldn't did happen. The towers collapsed. It was then that I started to cry uncontrolably. My body went cold, as I watched those Towers come down. I felt inside my soul those lives that were lost in those towers. I felt a part of my humanity detatch. I never can say enough of how I felt when this happened.
The haunting images, that even at night when I am falling asleep can still vison clearly are the people who took thier life by jumping from the WTC. The reactions from the people on the streets.
I remember it like it was yesturday. I remember the faces that I saw, the reporters that were doing their job. I remember the sound of the fire engines, police and ambulances. I remember that silence that followed when the towers collapsed. I remember the look on Pres. Bush face when he was told of the attack.I remember the expressions of the news anchors, esp Paula Zahn who gave me some sense of calm. I remember the voices I heard. I remember that night, the next day and the days that followed how I felt, what I saw. I will never forget. I lived through a day where pure evil took almost 3000 lives, I saw their death. I saw hero's go in to save lives who never returned. I saw many people's funerals, I saw many morn. I saw human existance through love. But most of all I saw New York and America rise from the dust of the WTC.
I am not an Amercian, I live in Australia, but I felt every part of New York and United States when this happened. I love America for what it stands for and one day, I would love to visit. There is much to say about this day though I think that no matter where you are on this planet we call home, no matter what age, race or religion, September 11 will never just be another day. It will be forever remembered for the attack on America but more for showing that love and peace conquer.
May all souls lost that day rest like Angels in heaven with our Lord. May all the families affected be at peace by remembering their loved one/s. May God Bless America, and all of us.

Jennifer | 22 | Australia

#1738 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was driving to work, when I had heard it on the radio, I got to work, and everyone was huddled around a small TV that was in my area. We all watched, just glued to the TV, then the 2nd plane hit, and we all watched. Some people were crying, trying to get ahold of loved ones they thought might have been there. Then my boss Brian, told everyone to get back to work, another person asked him how he could possibly think of working when something so tragic happend, his reply was 'that its not happening to us' I think he must take some things for granted. I really remember about how insensitive he was to everyone's feelings that day.

MS | 22 | Colorado

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