#1043 | Saturday, March 16th 2002
I remember about a week or two after the attacks. Dad used to be in the miltary and he told me what to do if there was antrax sprayed over the city. For the first time I learned had to learn how to use a gas mask. My mom's work even got evacuated twice over anthrax scares {My original 911 story is in the #800 so I wont bother to say it again.} But The main reason why I write again is for everyone to pray for the people in ISREAL even more then our own people. Every single day they have there own mini 911. I KNOW WE ARE BUSY WITH OUR OWN WAR BUT SOMEONE SHOULD SET UP A FUND FOR THE VICTUMS AND FAMILIES IN ISREAL. The second reason why I write again is for the truth to be written in History books. WE WERENT ATTACKED FOR MEDELING IN FOREIGN AFFAIRS. We were attack because people want to run there women-hating, beating, art destorying, prapaganda, Censershiped, people surpressing goverements with the same lugeries that we have, and it dosent work that way.
Dave | 16 | Wisconsin

#975 | Tuesday, March 12th 2002
I was at school when it first happened. We didn't know that the first one had hit until I was told in my next hour. All we did was watch it on tv all hour and we saw the second plane crash. After lunch our teachers were told that we were not allowed to watch it anymore because it was too graphic. None of us felt that way, we thought we had the right to know, so our teachers locked the doors and let us anyways. It was so sad, all my teachers were crying and said we should be able to go home, but we couldn't. My cousins are fighting for us right now, God Bless America!
Melissa | 16 | Wisconsin

#938 | Monday, March 11th 2002
Hello my name is Mike Schmidt, I am from New Berlin, Wisconsin. I am a fire fighter there and have been for 9 years,and there is no other job that I could imagne doing.

I am 30 years old I have lived here all my life (USA). Where was I during the attacks? I was at work and I watched with horror that something like this could happed here. When I was watching on T.V. it was like a dream that I hoped that I and the whole world would wake up from. Although it was not a dream it was real very real. When the towers collasped me and my brothers of Station 2 knew that there were some of our brothers in there, because that is exactly where we would be. It is a day that I will never forget or really want to forget, just because it is something we should keep in all minds that evil of this kind can happen, hope this never will happen again..

Mike Schmidt | 30 | Wisconsin

#936 | Monday, March 11th 2002
I was running about 5 minutes late for work. I heard them break in on the radio, that a plane has hit the WTC. I didn't think anything about it until I went into work, and someone said that another plane hit the other tower. I work for a cable company, and everything came to a halt! Everyone was gathered around the TV's. I was just shocked and outraged. I then proceeded to my route for work. I was at a customers house when the south tower fell! I was speachless. I then watched the day unfold on CNN and the other channels at a friends house. This is to my generation as to when President Kennedy was assasianted. I will never forget!

Tim Hanson | 29 | Wisconsin

#770 | Sunday, February 17th 2002
September 11th
1. Time Every Store was closed.
1. Time I wished I could start the day over.
1. Time I showed an intrest in history.
1. Time I will remember an aquaintence birthday. {9/11.}
1. Time I Stood for a national athem.
1. Time The same thing was on all 100 channels.
1. Time the entire nation held a candle up all at the same time.
1. Time I respected the flag.

On a better note. An inside Joke between me and my dad on October 8th.
THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. {Name of Starwars movie.}

Dave | 15 | Wisconsin

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