#1429 | Monday, July 1st 2002
I was on my way home from work when i heard the terrible news. I drive a school bus for elementary children and had finished my morning run and on the way home i hear this horrible news. Well all the little children where scared when i got back to the school. But i remember one child saying my daddy will protect us all he is in the military and he flies a bomber. This child was in kindergarden and she thinks her daddy can protect the world this is the same way i grew up and felt but you feel as you are not protected and dont know how to protect yourself.
Tim Greer | 22 | North Carolina

#1379 | Thursday, June 6th 2002
I was in 2nd period B-day Life skills class. And it was about 10:00, and the teachers were running down the hall telling each other to turn it to channel 9 qucikly. My teacher turned it and just as she turned it i saw a jumbo jet headed straight for tower # 2. Teachers and students were crying, mourning. I had never even heard of the World Trade Centers until that horrific day.
Robert | 14 | North Carolina

#1329 | Monday, May 27th 2002
Sept. 11th, 2001...what can you say? It's all emotions. Tears, heartache, feeling for the families that have lost their sons, daughters, mothers and fathers...etc. On that day, I was in the daycare that I work at, I remember that we had a radio on and when it came across...we just froze. Turned on a tv..and watched as the Towers fell. I felt the tears well up and wasn't ashamed that I was crying for people that I didn't even know. The idea that someone could be so cruel and malicious was beyond me. I still can't understand how someone could have enough hatred to destroy the lives of these poor souls and that of their families. Being a mother of 3, all that I could think about was those poor children and mothers...My heart goes out to the families and remember America...Old Glory....HER COLORS NEVER RUN!!!!
Nikki Menscer | 22 | North Carolina

#1198 | Monday, April 22nd 2002
U.S. Marine corps boot camp at mcrd san diago ca. did believe it really happened.
lcpl r.

k.r. | 20 | North Carolina

#1173 | Wednesday, April 10th 2002
My patriatism has changed so much since September 11th. I have found out that people can come together as a nation and help each other which makes me proud to be an American. I remember i was in school. I am a high school senior on the verge of graduating and i remember that i came out of 2nd period and went to 3rd period which is ROTC. My SNSI had the radio on and they were talking about the pentagon so i wasnt really concerned and then they turned on the tv at 9:30 and i could not believe my eyes at what i saw. it was the most horrifying thing i have every seen in my life. to see that someone would want to possible do something like that. I was absolutely terrified. I really didnt what i was thinking as i was watching. All i could say was "Oh my God..." I kept thinking about my mother and my family. Expecially my Aunt who works in NYC. I was so scared for her. After 7 months it all seems like a fresh cut to me. It hurts so bad to know that something like this could happen. To know that everything that we stand for has been tried and tested. I am deeply sadened by what has happened. After September 11th, I tried to do what i could to help out. I tried to give blood. I donated alot of stuff to Goodwill. And i also sold red, white, and blue ribbons in my school to go to WTC relief fund. I would like to think that i did my part in helping out. I just hope that our great nation will overcome this enemy of terrorism and let freedom prevale.
Laura Campbell | 17 | North Carolina

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