#2293 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was in my car driving to work in Summit, NJ. I was listening to WPLJ and a caller said that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I parked my car and ran up to my office. No one that was there had heard what happened. We tried to put the TV on but the only station that came in was Spanish (none of us spoke Spanish) so we got PLJ on the radio and muted the tv. We all watched live while the 2nd plane hit the towers and then when they collapsed. We heard about the Pentagon and the crash in PA. We heard the roar of fighter jets over our building as they scrambled to patrol the airways around NYC. One of my co-workers turned to me in tears and said "You and I will never forget each other because we will always remember where we were and who we were with when this happened." She was right. I won't ever forget. No one will.
cf | 30 | New Jersey

#2272 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
On September 11Th I was In school in my 8th grade reading class! At first i had no clue what anyone was talking about! I rember seeing the smoke from my school and scene i live about 1 1/2 away the smoke looked small and me and my friends had thought maybe it was a house and when we found out what had really happened we did not know what to think or say!But today America still stands tall we will never let anyone Tear america apart!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!
Samantha Kimberlin | 15 | New Jersey

#2251 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was at work in Moorestown, NJ (Burlington County) when my boss comes in and tells me that he heard on the radio, a plane hit the WTC. Me and my co-worker just turned and looked at each other in disbelief. At the time, we thought it was just a small single engine plane crashed into it. So i hurried up to turn the radio to 1060am (news talk) and all 3 of us must have turned white when heard that it was a Boeing 767. Almost 2 minutes later was when the 2nd aircraft slammed into the building. It was just an eerie feeling, because there were no TV's in the facility and the internet was at a complete halt. We had IDSL connectivity but it was as slow as modem connection, then we couldn't get anything at all. So I felt like i was trapped. No TV or internet for info, just waiting to hear it on the radio. Bye the 930-1000am we actually had access to a TV and saw the actual damage to the buildings. When i saw the first building fall, i was so sick, i decided that i didn't want to watch it anymore. But of course something drew me to it and i had to stay a watch for a little while longer. I had to go to PA for an appointment but all the Bridges were shut from New Jersey to PA. The rest of the day i was depressed and angered. I kept thinking to myself "What the hell happened? Was this for real??"
I would like to extend my prayers to heroes(all rescue workers), victims and those who were left behind, GOD BLESS YOU ALL...

Steve DeCicco | 25 | New Jersey

#2214 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was home with my infant son, and my two older sons were at school...My infant son Daniel is one of twins...Joey died in January of SIDS at almost 4months of age...
Well, when the second tower was hit, I was in absolute state of confusion...not really sure what was going on and just hoping somehow that people would be saved and the fires put out, but that was not to be...When the first tower fell, I was in complete shock and panic....I called the schools and let them know I was picking up my children....I cannot express how vulnerable I felt and I did not like my children in a federal building...The thought of losing another one of my children just about killed me.....they will be home with me! When I got home after picking them up, I saw the second tower had fallen...I could not believe all of this was happening just 40miles or so from my home.....
I had just been at the Twin Towers the August prior...we often took the PATH train to the city....and would marvel upwards at the huge buildings...they were just AWESOME!
My patriotism has not changed a bit...I have always flown my flag ever since I owned my own home in 1990. I thought it was rather shameful that so many people did not have one, and needed to go out to buy one!
My heart aches for every surviving family...I know your shock and pain of loss....and we can never make sense of something so senseless...
We have to be sure NOT to let the terrorists take this day from us...and we must continue to live our lives freely...always acknowledge the wonderful people who were killed, but dont change your life out of fear.
Marta McGraw

Marta McGraw | 38 | New Jersey

#2151 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was in Houston, Texas attending a conference. I live in NJ. I remember getting ready to go to my first conference. I got there and suddently beepers and cell phones were vibrating and ringing.
Those with CNN on the pagers got the news right away. I ran to the closes tv to see what was happening. I went crazy, crying, I couldn't hardly breath. I went to my room and started to call everyone I know, fire fighter friends, co-workers, friends, family. I feel so vulnerable. Then the pain just covered me. Until today a year after the attacks I cry and pray for those innocent lives.

Magda | 31 | New Jersey

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