#1058 | Monday, March 18th 2002
Tuesday, 9/11/01 8:50am, my wife and I were preparing for a visit to her doctor for a prenatal ultrasound.The telephone rang, it was a friend from upstate NY is calling to tell us a plane just crashed into the WTC. As we watched on the news we witnessed the second plane slam into the other tower. We knew this wasn't an accident but just like everyone else who was watching we had trouble believing it was real.
When the Pentagon was hit we knew someone had fatally misjudged us, this was war and we knew that surely this country wouldn't sit still for an attack like this.
Like so many thousands that tuesday we watched and listened and lost someone. For us it was our unborn child, the ultrasound was still.

NT | 38 | North Carolina

#1056 | Monday, March 18th 2002
On the day of dispair; I was dressing for my job as a Security Officer for The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada.. watching Headline News, I saw the 1st Tower smoking and immediately called to my wife in the other room, that the World Trade Center was on fire.. because of the confussion of the reports, I had no idea at the time that a plane had caused this distruction; my wife and I were just memorized by the smoking tower.. approximately 10 minutes after we had begun watching the report, the 2nd plane hit and both of us started to cry; and I relized, that we had just witnessed the deaths of possibly thousands of people. during my drive to the casino, I intently listned to the radio reports of ground zero and was trying to imagine what all those people were going through.. my entire security shift witnessed the 1st tower falling during our mornning briefing, and we were immendiatly put on high alert by our Security Director.. my job at that time was the casino podium officer, which is basically the public's only contact with the security department..I was extremly nervous all day, but I had to keep my wits about me dealing with all the casino guests. I had given my "notice" two weeks prior, and my last day was Wednesday, 12 September 2001. my heart and prayers go out to ALL the friends and families of the victims of 9/11, and can only hope that world peace is not just a dream; GOD BLESS AMERICA and all those in the world who also wish for a non violent exsistence...
G.A. KISS | 38 | Nevada

#971 | Tuesday, March 12th 2002
I was getting ready to take my kids to school, when they both started complaining loudly about a news bulletin that interrupted their viewing of "Magic Schoolbus." After picking my jaw up off the ground at what I saw, I piled the kids in the jeep and turned on NPR news. Admittedly I was far less forgiving than I could have been when my son resumed his complaining and screamed at me to turn off the news. After dropping the kids off at school, I arrived at work, and joined a large group of people watching one WTC tower collapse on CNN, live. My boss called a meeting to make sure everyone in our group was present and accounted for, and to give us all emergency/security instructions. None of us could get any real work done that day; we all just wondered outloud if we were in WWIII now.
Andy Keen | 38 | Colorado

#928 | Monday, March 11th 2002
I was on my way to work, I turned on the radio and Mark and Brian were talking about New York and what was going on. Well, being Mark and Brian, I called my kids and had them turn the TV on and tell me if something was wrong.
My middle son came back on the phone, “Mom, there’s a guy bleeding, the top of his head is gone!” I immediately told him he didn’t have to watch. I told the other two to catch the bus to school, love you’s all around, and hung up. The gate on to the base was just as quiet as usual, they hadn’t heard yet. By the time I got to my office, my middle son (William) had called back to tell me that the 2 had made it to the bus and to fill me in on what he’d seen.
He told me the second tower was hit and the Pentagon. I told him not to worry; everything was ok, and that the people that he saw were probably just very happy to be walking anywhere.
By 8:30am it was thankfully time for William to leave for school, so he didn’t have to watch anymore.
The base finally hit Delta, we were effectively locked down, and everyone walked around in a haze. Work continued base supply must continue, the planes must fly. I’m glad there was a purpose to keep our minds off the TV.
The problems started when well meaning teachers at the schools started using words like “war” “military” “lock down” and “bombs”. My son called near tears asking if I was coming home, I said yes, of course why? “My teacher said you couldn’t leave work, and that we’re going to war and you’ll be called up” I had just re-enlisted in the USN Reserves. As a single mother of three, it never occurred to me that my choice to sign up would put me at risk so quickly. My children were in on the decision, and they were proud of their mom. Now however, things had changed.

It’s been six months, my children still watch the TV periodically for news of call-ups, they listen to the music that helped me through; U2, Live, Sting, Hank Williams, Don Henley, Sammy Hagar, Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra.
We all keep track of friends and family effected. We just had a party for a close Air Force friend headed to locations unknown, and my nephew is on his way with the 10th Mountain Division, not to mention the 2 Master Chiefs at sea. We, as everyone, hope everyone will be safe and return to us as they left, healthy.
Our prayers to everyone, God bless those who are serving their country putting their lives on the line, and those waiting at home.
Becky/EAFB Ca./04/11/02

Becky Shores | 38 | California

#883 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
I had just moved to Hawaii and flew from LA to Kauai exactly one week before the bombings. I woke up at 6am Hawaii time turned on the televion and couldn't beleive what I was seeing. I thought it must be CNN news about a movie. I sat there for a few minutes watching the planes go into the two towers as CNN reported the events that had happened. My husband and children were in California and I tried to call them since my husband is stationed at Fort Irwin California in the Army. I couldn't reach them for several hours because the lines were tied up with people trying to reach loved ones. My boss here came to my residence and told me that we would not be going to work because the Pacific Missle Range Facility was shut down and I should wait for word of when we could go to work. I sat and cried for the people lost and rejoiced as people made it out, then the terrrible news came again of two more planes, one crashing into the Pentagon and one hitting the ground in PA. I just wanted to be with my family but the only thing I could do was pray for our country and the hero's who died trying to help. The USA is the greatest country in the world and as hard as it seems, we will survive this. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
Tami Jackson | 38 | Hawaii

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