#2137 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
My tale of where I was on September 11, 2001 is no more special than most others on this site, but I wanted to make my mark like so many others have. I remember it being a beautiful… perfect, almost… September day in Blacksburg, VA. I was 21 and a senior at Virginia Tech heading from Squires, where I had gotten out early from my Finance course, over to Robeson for my Internet Law class.
I walked into the classroom to find several students watching the television hanging from the ceiling on the opposite side of the room from the door. Since I cannot see anything at a distance and did not have my glasses on, I asked a classmate why they were watching a program about factories – I figured the two burning towers were smokestacks since I could not make out the image from across the room. To my surprise, the student turned to me and asked, “What?! It’s the World Trade Centers. Didn’t you hear?!”
“Hear what?” I asked back.
“A plane crashed into the World Trade Center towers,” was his reply. I thought… “Oh my God! Was it an accident?” I assumed and hoped it was since New York has three major airports within the NYC vicinity. That just had to be it… that was the only thing that could’ve happened… it had to have been an accident…
Of course it was no accident as I later learned from students quickly filling the classroom with accounts of the story they heard on the news before coming to class. Up until about a few minutes after 9:30, we watched the news in complete silence… not able to comprehend any possible reason for the atrocities we were witnessing that morning. And then… my professor shut off the television, and told us that she had to teach us that day… that we had to have class.
I wonder if she ever regrets shutting off the television – not knowing that that day would change the way we as Americans view our freedoms and everyday lives. I don’t think I’ll ever forgive her for not letting us watch.
After class, I met my girlfriend in between classes as she was just arriving onto campus for the day as always. That morning, the first words out of her mouth were, “Don’t worry, your Dad’s okay.”
I said back to her, “Of course he is. Why wouldn’t he be?”
In turn, she asked me, “Didn’t you hear? A plane crashed into the Pentagon.”
I couldn’t believe it. My first thought was thank goodness my dad was okay. To my knowledge at the time, my dad had never even been to the Pentagon. But sure enough, he had been there a few times for business. Fortunately, he wasn’t there that day.
Throughout the day, many students’ stories of their parents that worked in the Pentagon made their way throughout the campus. The father of a friend of mine worked in one of the offices right near where the plane hit the Pentagon. Fortunately, he was out of the office that day in another meeting. She wasn’t able to find out that information until later on that day when she was finally able to get through on her cell phone to reach her mom.
I’m sure my story of that horrible day one year ago is insignificant to those that may have lost a loved one or even someone that lives everyday in terror like those in the Middle East. It was one year ago today… a day that will live forever with our generation much like the attacks on Pearl Harbor lived forever with the generation(s) before us.

Jeff Danto | 22 | Virginia

#2096 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
My names Gail Thomas from Wales UK, I was in Stiges a small sea side resort by Barcelona in Spain. My partner and I had had a day at the beach and as we headed back to our hotel we noticed a lot of people gathered round television screens in local bar. We went over to check it out and what we saw we just couldn't comprehend it was like something out of a film. I think that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.
Gail Thomas | 22 | United Kingdom

#2066 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was @ my college. My prof, told us, and i wasn't quite sure what he was goin on bout, till later...it was shocking tho, everyone @ my school was talking bout it...talked bout it for months...
Canadians feel tho, as if we're not being recognized for our support..
It would seem all USA is praising and recognizing is fellow americans and Britain. I myself, believe it's not fair for us canadians to go unnoticed. USA and Britain are such buddy buddies, and yet we're USA's neighbour, and we get absalutly nothing? i don't believe this is fair.

Randi | 22 | Canada

#2063 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was working in a pub on the Isles of Scilly. It was a wonderful sunny afternoon, and I had both locals and visitors in the pub. My boss rang down from upstairs and told me to switch on the TV. I thought what I was watching was a movie, but then I realised it was real. I couldn't, and didn't want to beleive it. I felt stunned, angry, confused. A year on, I can still remember where I was and how I felt. But today, I fell proud for America, for they have not fallen to their knees, but have stood up, and rebuilt. My thoughts and heart go out to all who have lost family and friends. Time will never forget those who died, but time will unite us all together to fight against terrorism and we will be strong.
May God protect us all

Nicola Ann Smith | 22 | United Kingdom

#2032 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
Year 2001: That year was important for me and my fellow university collegues.Many of us left Italy for their third year abroad, many friends of mine were in the U.S.,I was doing my 6- month internship at a hotel in Rome.
On 9/11 I was in my house in Rome with my boyfriend and my two sisters who came from Sicily to visit me.
My eldest sister, Roberta, was watching at Tv when she cried: " The Twin towers have been hitted!".We sat down and watched what was happening, zapping the variuous Italian channels.
It was horrible, to see the world changing.We felt part of that terrible event, as if we were there with thousands of americans, the ocean, in that moments, was just a physical barrier, but our souls and feelings were with our american Brothers.
I always loved the United States, probably more from the day I visit it for the very first time.I went to California, unfortunately I never visited New York.But those Towers, that flag, the picture of the Big Apple were and always will be part of the heritage of the citizens of the world ...
I soon called some of my friends who were in New York... the lines were busy...
After a couple of hours I could see at a Italian Tv Special a group of them who were greeting their families and I felt a little better.
In certain moments our thoughts immediately go towards our beloved ones and we forget all the bad feelings;
The Good is stronger than the Evil. The Love is the Force which has made Us stronger than a year ago.
God Bless America and we all!

Valentina Addamo | 22 | Italy

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