#900 | Monday, March 11th 2002
we (my husband and i) were up while he got ready for work.living in califorina it was 530am.i watched the news every morning while he gets ready.like always they had breaking news,so i watched to see what it was that had happened. thinking it would be a stupid car chase, it wasn't,it was just a mintue after the first plane had hit.i started to cry not knowing what happened but knew it was terrible.my husband stood in the bedroom door,then sat down to watch and to see if it was real.mintues later while they showed it live we saw the second plane come in off from the side.then more fire and smoke.he left for work,i sat with his sister in front of the tv.all day we sat and watched everything,i cried more. how could i not cry,1000's of people were hurt or hurting.six months later today...i watched the CBS show seeing it though the eyes of firefighters and the camra men in the building.i was in shock how could anyone escape that?i still cry at anything that reminds me of that day. songs,pictures,everything!how could someone be so cruel and what to kill innosent people?i guess we may never really know.i wish there was more i could do...all i guess i can do is pray. pray for the family and friends of those who lost,and pray that this disgusting act never happens again.god bless each and every New Yorker,god bless each and every American.god is watching and he will make these men pay.
J.L.Martinez | 24 | California

#896 | Monday, March 11th 2002
I was in my car with my daughter going to work. I live in Los Angeles. At 6:05 am (9:05, NY time) I heard a news report that a plane flew into the WTC. I said to my daughter, how big, how many people, what happened to the building - a lot of questions and no answers. At work I heard later that both buildings had been hit and that both then collapsed. At that point I started trying to get the news on the internet and could not access any news site since they were so busy. Someone dug up a radio and we spent the day listening with a bit of work thrown in.
Nancy Curtiss | 52 | California

#892 | Monday, March 11th 2002
I was busy at work; I am a transit bus driver. I was picking up the regular passengers. When the students began boarding talking about the World Trade Center. At first I thought that they were talking about some book the teacher had given them to read. As we continued along our path, more and more kids were talking about this. I ask, “ What are you all talking about” They responded with an answer I never thought I would hear. “ Two planes hit the WTC” WHAT!! Then the next passenger got on the bus to tell us that the buildings where gone. The felling was something I never will forget. It must have been like the War of the Worlds. When folks heard the radio show and thought it was real. I heard the news and thought, this is some sick joke, this just can’t be happening. I called my husband, who is also a bus driver to ask him had he heard. I was devastated, like us all. I had to rely on passengers for the rest of the day to get updates. 8 hours later I was finally home to the horror that had happened. I wept. God Bless Us All, I will never forget

Yvonne St.Clair | 47 | California

#889 | Monday, March 11th 2002
That day for me was a school day since my first class wasn't until 12:00, you know I was sleeping in. My alarm woke me about 10:00 and I remember Sen. Maxine Waters was speaking to the DJ's on the radio assesing what was happening (I live in So.California). I knew something had happened by the tones and urgency of their voices but I thought we had just had another earthquake because we had had little ones in the previous days. I jumped in the shower and felt nervous there'd be one while I was in there so I quickly finished. As I brushed out my hair, my skin just didn't feel right so I went in to the living room and asked my mom what was wrong and she just said the towers were on fire. She didn't have to finish her sentence for I already saw the TV screen. I just sank. I was heart-broken, that building it was a representation of who we are, those people. My God those people! What was happening...6 mos. later and I can't even clearly execute my feelings. I am just so sorry...
Godbless the victims and the heroes of that tragic day.

A. Calderon | 23 | California

#886 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
I woke up at approximately 7:15 am Pacific Time on the morning of September 11th, before my alarm went off, in my apartment in San Francisco. I went out of my room to go to the bathroom, and I heard the sound of the radio in the living room down the hall. It seemed odd to me that my roommate would be listening to the radio in the living room early in the morning. When my roommate heard me in the hallway, she called out: "Turn on your television!" At that time there was a TV only in my room and not in the living room. She and I went into my room (I was still in my boxer shorts) and I turned on the TV. Immediately I saw the image of one of the two World Trade Center buildings on fire (I found out soon from the commentary the first one had already collapsed). About ten minutes later, the second tower collapsed live on television. I believe we were listening to Peter Jennings.

I could not believe what I was watching, and sat there stunned. I called my boyfriend and my mother. The commentary said that the Pentagon had also been hit and that there was a car bomb at the State Department (which turned out not to be true). My roommate and I watched TV for over an hour. Her co-workers called and told her they weren't going to work, and she shouldn't either.

Eventually I drove to my job at Stanford University, listening to the radio the whole way and driving on a boulevard rather than the freeway for some of the way because I felt too emotional to drive in freeway traffic. When I got to work, I was told the library might be shutting down and that I didn't have to stay at work. The bookstore had already closed. I went to my father and stepmother's house, and the three of us watched the news for the rest of the day and into the night. I spent the night at their house because I couldn't face driving home that night.

A few days later, I found out that a distant acquaintance of mine (who I hadn't seen in five years) had died in the tragedy, on the 101st floor of the first tower hit.

Brett McKeon | 31 | California

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