#558 | Friday, December 21st 2001
I was about to do my First Computer Lab for my computer course in a room 206 at a building called Baldy at the University of Buffalo, it was 0845 at the time. The class started at nine o clock and every thing went well. After that I was free for the whole day so I went home to make my cup of tea as always. It was 1020 in the morning when I went to watch CNN And to My horror I saw one Tower in flames and the other tower was gone. At the same time I saw the Pentagon in flames as well. I was like No wAy. But I knew who wanted to do it (Osama).

It was the longest and the Saddest day of my life. I just hope no one makes a movie out of this.

The rest was history

My God Bless us all.

Adil Sohail Qureshi | 20 | New York

#557 | Friday, December 21st 2001
Right now I am in school, it's my senior year and we are researching info for our public policy papers we have to wright. September 11th 2001...I was here in school. It was third period and I walked into study hall to see one of the towers in flames on CNN. I didn't know what had happened...then came forth period. I work in the office that period and all the staff stood staring at the TV. Then I was standing there..observing the fear in everyone's eyes. I looked back at the TV and seen the 2nd plane hit. " What the HELL is going on!" I yelled as all the staff looked at me. I leave the office to take a walk when I see my friend Scott in the other Office crying because his sister works right next to the towers. Weeks after I cried my eyes out, not because I was scared but because I couldn't even imagine all the mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, who will never see there loved ones again. Fathers kissed their little girls before work that day not knowing that day would be their last. It's going to be four months since it happened...yet it seems like yesterday. And this christmas the victims loved ones won't be spending it with them. Sick bastards in this world...too many for that matter. And growing up in it is a challenge in it self. I don't know what else to say...because what I say it probably what everyone else has said already.
Stephanie R. | 17 | New York

#540 | Wednesday, December 19th 2001
September 11, 2001 was my 38th birthday.
I was home when it happen. I was cleaning house and had the TV news on like always. When I saw the first plane hit the first tower, I could not believe what I was seeing, at first I though it was an accident, but I knew something was wrong because planes are not allowed to fly through there, and then when I saw the second plane hit the other tower, I just stood there paralized from head to toe. I live in Brookly NY, you could see the black smoke from my roof top and actually smell the smoke. Days after I found out my next door neighbor lost his son. And my husband's friend who was a fireman whom they played stickball every Sunday lost his life too. It was the worst birthday I have ever had. I don't think i could ever celebrate my birthday again. My husband volunteer for days helping out at ground zero. He described to me how it was. He told me there is no comparison when you see it on TV when you are actually there. My heart goes out to all the people who's life has been scattered. And some many people lost their lives. September 11, 2001 will be a day of saddness for me.

God Bless America

Elizabeth Esposito | 38 | New York

#536 | Wednesday, December 19th 2001
I am a New Yorker. I came to live in New York from London, U.K. 15 years ago, I am 43, a mother of two. I was at my home in Tribeca. I heard the roar of the jet and ran to the window to see the tail end of the first jet disappear into the tower. I watched as the horrid event took place and listened to hundreds of grinding sirens as firemen and police raced to their sad fate. I am changed forever. God bless all who perished, all who mourn, and all who are fighting for liberty at home and abroad.
Barbara Head | 43 | New York

#507 | Tuesday, December 18th 2001
i was sleeping then i woke up and i was playing on my computer and when i got to yahoo it siad like 5 planes crashed into the world trade center at first i didnt think it was true then i went to watch tv and on the news it siad that it was true and i couldnt belive it bin ladden is going to rought in hell oh wait he already is in hell comon he sleeps in a cave while i sleep in a house.
lisa | 18 | New York

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