#620 | Wednesday, January 9th 2002
My friend Joe and I had travelled on Sept 7th from Newark Airport to San Diego, California for a vacation, to get away from our respective "grinds". On the 10th, we drove north from San Diego to check out Los Angeles. I remember us hitting some tourist spots and clubs on the night of the 10th. We couldn't stay up all night, so we figured "we'd do the rest tomorrow", including seeing an Anaheim Angels game we'd gotten tickets for.

Having awakened at 9am PST in our room at Travelodge, we turned on the TV with the mute on. The first scrollbar item I noticed was "ALL Major League Baseball Games Cancelled". My first selfish thought was "dammit - we're screwed with these tickets". Then I figured either Cal Ripken or something else was terribly wrong.

After we turned up the volume, it was thrown all at us at once. We sat there for hours watching. I tried to contact my father in the Bronx, and finally did after two hours. He was fine. Joe works two blocks from the WTC at JPMorganChase and was worried about his workmates. After much trying to get through on the phones, they were OK. The Cantor Fitzgerald people he dealt with every day were not. It was very upsetting.

The trip, of course, was not the same after that. We cancelled a proposed drive to San Francisco. What would be the point? If all of LA was closed, so would be SF. The unprecedented show of patriotism by the beach bums and surfer dudes was unique but appreciable. And whereas California girls once expressed excitement at the prospect of meeting some New York guys, they now expressed sympathy. That's not all bad.

For the first time in a while I felt guilty about NOT being in New York when I figured I might be needed by somebody. I was never prouder to be one when I got home.

It was a vacation I'll never forget.

Anthony Ventarola | 33 | New York

#617 | Tuesday, January 8th 2002
I work on Wall Street and on 9/11 I was 2 blocks away and watched as the 2nd tower was struck. It was horrifying and it took awhile for it to sink in that the USA was under attack. Looking back now, I consider myself extremely lucky. I watched as both towers burned and fell, it was heartbreaking. I remember being young and asking my parents if they remembered where they were when Kennedy was assasinated but not quite understanding the impact of such a loss. Now, my children will ask me "Mommy, do you remember where you were on 9/11/01?!" and, like my own parents, I will have to explain the pain and loss that I experienced that day. God bless those we lost and pray that they are at peace. God Bless America!!
Carla Silvestre | 27 | New York

#582 | Friday, December 28th 2001
I am a Security Guard in a High School. We are on Long Island in New York. We are near an airport and I heard a jet noise that I never heard before. I got so nervous thinking to myself, is this plane going to hit the building? (later I would find that it was a fighter jet). Ten Minutes later a student came out in the hallway and told me that one of Twin Towers was hit by a plane. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I said no way, must be a mistake or a small plane that ran out of gas. I immediately went to my car to turn on the radio and the news was true. The scary part was that it kept going. Second plane than the Pentagon and PA. I had to work the front gate at the school and so many parents came racing in crying and picking up their kids. It was so scary. I was wondering if I was supposed to go get my kids. I decided to stay because all along I was telling the students not to worry, you are safe and trying to keep them calm. I will never forget the student "Anthony" as long as I live. Nor will I forget September 11th.

God Bless America. God Bless our Troops

Debby | 39 | New York

#581 | Friday, December 28th 2001
on the morning of september 11th i wke up just as any other day i went threw all my normal morning actvites befor school,that morning every thing was going normal untill about 8:30 9:00, at first a few people just went home early and some one said that it was beacuse they didint get a shot or something,than almost half the school was on there way home by lunch they said they would make an anoucment,by than we all knew something was deftinally wrong.it was such a butiful day and they wouldent let us go out side for lunch beacuse all the mother were comming to get there kid's i had no clue what was going on,my mom knew rite when it happens she works in a special edd class in an kindergarden-2nd grade school,she knew what happen and a women she work with was coforting her beacuse my dad only works 2 block's away from there even tho' i live a good 145 miles away it was still as bad as ever the lady hellping my mom deal not hereing from my dad's brother in law had ben one of many fire-fighters lost in the loss. at lunch my friend told me what happen her mom called to talk to her and old her what happen and she was picked up rite after lunch,the teacher's only told us that there was a problem in the city they still didint say what or were but i kne it was bad,as i said my dad works in that area of the city,they made us stay after school to go home a parent had to come get us,after about an hour after school one of the teachers came and told us what happen he didint tell us they had fallen but that 2 planes crashed in to them.i finally got home and my mom told me it wasent till 1:30pm that she found out my dad was okay.He was one of the many people running from the debree he is now one of many of my hero's who were involved with saveing lives he carried a lady who had fainted in the street to a building. he got home a few hours early that day. when i got home i turned on the t.v and i video taped most of it,and i taped things off the radio i could not belive what had happened i was so scared all i kept saying was "omg i cant belive this" over and over just flipping threw the chan's. witch all had something about it on.my best friend came over and alotta people called to see if my dad was okay he come home covered in all that debree,it was just horable.

So many people close to me were effected by this my friend's with 6 children in there family's dad was a fire-fighter killed i went to a wake for him,a girl who worked with my mom's brother was killed he was a contractor on the top floor,my best friends mother quit her job in aguest to move to albany every one from her old job was killed all her old friends and boss.my close friend made a butiful pome and in my school year book we are deadacateing a section to 9-11-01 and her pome is head lineing the year book,it's just terriable

Megan | 14 | New York

#576 | Wednesday, December 26th 2001
Hi all,
I was at Stonybrook Hospital on Long Island, NY. Our baby Isabella was born 8 hours , almost to the minute, before the attacks at the WTC. When I first heard about it from my sister, who called to ask about the birth, etc..., I thought she had lost her mind. My wife Lisa and I had been living in the West Village, about a half mile from the WTC only two years before.
Needless to say, it was a terribly confusing day with part of me completely happy and another part horrified.
In many ways, I still can't believe it although I am writing this on 12/26/01.

Nelson,Lisa and Isabella

Nelson Sacristan | 41 | New York

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