#1415 | Sunday, June 23rd 2002
It was about 2pm and I was sitting at my desk at work in a silent office when a friend logged into his IRC software and started sending me messages along the lines of "OH MY GOD SOMEONES CRASHED PLANES INTO THE WORLD TRADE CENTER TOWERS." At first I failed to realize exactly what this entailed, not really knowing where he was talking about. Before I could type my reply another message came through from him “I DON’T BELIEVE IT, THIS IS INCREADABLE ARE YOU WATCHING IT?” By now it was clear this wasn’t a joke and was serious, he sent me a link to a news site with streaming video and I clicked on it. The office was still silent (5 people) and I realty had little comprehension just how serious the event was so I sat there waiting for my video software to stream the data. Our connection to the internet was quite poor, my computer wasn’t setup properly to stream and I quickly became impatient and curious. I turned in my seat to my manager and told him what I had been told in a puzzled tone. He looked back at me in exactly the same way I stared at my screen when I had received the first message. He attempted to connect to the same Web site and had more success with his machine “Got it!” he said, then “Oh my god…” I quickly got up and walked to his screen to be greeted with the fuzzy outline of the Twin Towers with the plumes of smoke pouring from them, our immediate reaction was “Cool!” as we struggled to comprehend just how tragic the event unfolding really was. We began to send messages via our mobile phones to friends telling them to get to a TV. By then other people in the office took an interest, one colleague wandered over to see and said “Oh dear, this has been a long time coming for the Americans.” During the next 5 minutes the news started to relay around the building and my mobile phone started to flood with messages, one of my friends was at work and unable to get onto the Internet or a TV. Reports were coming in of the Pentagon attack. The shots of the towers became more and more graphic as it flicked between earlier shots of the one tower on fire and people in windows, then people started leaping from the tower and the reality of what was happening really hit us. One of my friends rang me and my manager rang someone, we were staring at the screen shouting info between ourselves and our mobile phones when the first tower collapsed, “One of towers has collapsed, did another plane hit it?” People ran across the office to see what we were shouting about and muttered other information they had been told about who had done it and where else had been attacked. After the second tower collapsed we ran to the conference room to get the TV (two people were in there having a meeting via the phone with some Americans with no idea what was happening.) We carried the TV down to the office and put it on. The real concern at this point was less with what had happened and more to do with what could happen. The TV reports were talking of a missing plane, then a report of a crash somewhere in Pennsylvania while going back to the earlier scenes, it was a short while before some footage of the second plane hitting was shown which really shocked us all. We were all very flippant at first like it was a movie but the reality of it left a sickening feeling as things calmed down.
MWF | 22 | United Kingdom

#1393 | Thursday, June 13th 2002
I still remember sitting in a cafe in my home town in england, with my long term boyfriend eating a late breakfast when i heard that a plane had hit the world trade centre, i of course like many others thought it was just an accident only to continue my next few minutes normal, traveling home and spending happy hours with my boyfriend. I got home just in time to see the second tower get hit by the plane, which was in itself shocking, Even when its not your country i have several american friends and i thought of them instantly. I later found out that one of my internets friends mother in law had been injured in the world trade centre attack and his mother in laws sister who also worked on a different floor had died. I just want to say that Comming from England it personally doesnt change anything, to me the attack was an attack on the world not just America, a lot of english people were there and got killed also. The cruel words ive read of some people saying that america deserved are wrong, nobody deserves anything like that at all. Although im late in finding this site, i hope that the Familys of the victums will find someway to live on and hope they know that there loved ones are watching over them and will be waiting for them at the gates of heaven when it is there turn, they will be together once again.
Dawn | 19 | United Kingdom

#1383 | Sunday, June 9th 2002
Where were you on August 6, 1945?

Oh, you dont recognise that date? Thats the date that "good old USA" wiped an entire city off the face of the earth. And then again on August 9, 1945.

And it's been conviently forgotten that whils the Japanese only attacked military targets during WWII, America saw fit to destroy millions of innocent civilans.

And there weren't any international funds set up for the poor families of those who had been killed. Know why? Because the families were dead too.

All because Uncle Sam wanted to flex his muscles. And he's flexing them again now.

I feel sorry for the peole who have lost loved ones, but I dont think all this is necessary - lets be honest, this is beyond an outpouring of grief, if it was even that in the first place. it seems to me that the reason for all those tears we were subjected to for subsequent weeks were because big, mighty America was shown to be mortal.

Who knows, maybe you even deserved it after all the times you've devestated other countries, be it economically or destructively.

God bless America? I dont think so.

Chris | 18 | United Kingdom

#1359 | Friday, May 31st 2002
When I heard about what Happened I was frantic. My friend David had just telephoned me to tell me, after I got of the Phone with him My ,now former, girlfriend came to the door, she was horrified.

After we stood imbraced in each other for about half and hour I rang my friends Adam McGibbon ( He posted on this site too). I watched the tours fall. I had the TV on every Channel I taped Every coverage from when i heard about it. I was distraght. I new that there was a very slim but possible chance that my Dad may have been in New York or on a plane leaving Boston.

After a while I had calmed down but my Mum in America nd My Dad hadn't. Evrything was only begining for them.

I just hope they get the bugger that did this. As my Friedns says OSAMA SUX!

Glenn McKngith | 14 | United Kingdom

#1312 | Friday, May 24th 2002
I was working on that tuesday. I am manager of a Pizza Hut in Newcastle-under-Lyme, in the north of England.

I first heard the tragedy when my younger brother sent me a text message on my mobile phone. It read "Bruv, they've attacked America. The world trade center & pentagon have been destroyed!find a tv now!"

My initial thought was that some rougue arab nation had planted a bomb or something like that. This was an hour before my shift finished. At 5pm UK time, I hopped on my bike and peddled home as fast as my legs would go. When I got in I straight away turned on Sky News with the intention to put the kettle on for a cup of tea. I finally made that cup of tea about 8 hours later. I have never watched television for that long but I could not turn off. My housemate (who also worked with me) finished his shift at 9pm. He got home about 20 mins later & like me was in total shock.

I have been to the United States 9 times in the last decade. It is the only country I could ever imagine living in, other than my own. I know I could never feel the pain that the people of America felt, it still made me cry like never before.

We will never forget

Stuart Holt | 21 | United Kingdom

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