#1049 | Sunday, March 17th 2002
when the trorist activity on the saptenber 11 took palce i was prppering my homework the i heard on the radio abut a plane crash in new york so i kept listening and then ihaerd that it is a tror activity . i ternd on the t.v whene I heard that the twins ar kolapcing I wa s in shook and i knew that this is the biginig of a new werlod how figths aginst evel an defit it at all cost
ofer barzilay | 16 | Israel

#1043 | Saturday, March 16th 2002
I remember about a week or two after the attacks. Dad used to be in the miltary and he told me what to do if there was antrax sprayed over the city. For the first time I learned had to learn how to use a gas mask. My mom's work even got evacuated twice over anthrax scares {My original 911 story is in the #800 so I wont bother to say it again.} But The main reason why I write again is for everyone to pray for the people in ISREAL even more then our own people. Every single day they have there own mini 911. I KNOW WE ARE BUSY WITH OUR OWN WAR BUT SOMEONE SHOULD SET UP A FUND FOR THE VICTUMS AND FAMILIES IN ISREAL. The second reason why I write again is for the truth to be written in History books. WE WERENT ATTACKED FOR MEDELING IN FOREIGN AFFAIRS. We were attack because people want to run there women-hating, beating, art destorying, prapaganda, Censershiped, people surpressing goverements with the same lugeries that we have, and it dosent work that way.
Dave | 16 | Wisconsin

#1039 | Friday, March 15th 2002
I was at home when I heard the news about 9/11.My grandpa turned the TV on and there it was on every channel.The World Center in flames and the Pentagon was preetee f***ed up too! It didn't really sink in at first,just to shocked by the whole thing I guess.When I got to school it started to sink in,everybody was talking about it.Some of my friends were freaking out thinking about what if it happens here?!! Some people joked but I found nothing funny about it,I thought it was sad that many of these lives were lost.To think they were just doing their normal routine of work and never even saw it coming. If they find Osama and his groupies I hope they make him suffer and I got some good ideas just how to make that bastard suffer...GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Taye girl | 16 | Hawaii

#1038 | Friday, March 15th 2002
I live in England so when i woke up that day it was a normal day and my main worries where i've got to do my french homework. The day went fine. I sat in french with my homework and was talking to my friend, Jonny about him going on holiday next week to .. New York (which i think is a little strange) at 2pm (when it happened in UK time). I had my phone with me that day and my dad always texts me with any news on anything and just this one day i hadn't checked my phone and had gone to a maths revision class. There was nothing said, it was 3.25 and it had all happened at 2pm our time and no one knew anything at school. Then i met with my sister to walk home and she was talking to my dad on the phone saying that there had been bombings and that the radio was only given bulletins and he hadn't seen any pictures because he was at work. This may sound awful but i didn't know when he told me what the twin towers where. But when i got home i turned on the television and every single channel had the news and the first image i saw was New York covered in smoke. I dont remember the whole evening just me and my whole family watching television in disbelief. I didn't do any homework that night, no one did and no teacher the next day asked for it in, it wasn't important. Through the next couple of weeks it made me proud to be an english person because i'd seen a different side to every person i knew and i will never forget the way i felt that day.
Leanne | 16 | United Kingdom

#1008 | Wednesday, March 13th 2002
wen the 9/11 attacks happened i just woke up to get ready for school...then my friend called me up and told me,"turn on the T.V. and watch the news we being bombed" i thought he was playing because he always fool around. but when i turned on the T.V. it was on the news and i was shocked because i didn't know then this kind of thing would happen. and wen i was watching the it on T.V. it was really happening. they showed the airplanes slamming into the world trade center.
Blayne Espiritu | 16 | Hawaii

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