#1492 | Tuesday, July 23rd 2002
where was i when the world stopped you ask? i was alone at my house furious that someone that mean would do that. It was horryifying my mom toldme to watch the tv and what i saw was a fake pictur e, but it wasnt it was real life, happening here in america it was the meanest thing i can think someone would do. watched on tv and saw people mourning. On september 15 i saw it again all the rubble and all the missing people signs it was reaaly scary.that is where i was on Septemeber 11, 2001.
adam | 11 | Tennessee

#1480 | Tuesday, July 16th 2002
Almost a year later, I can still remember ewvery move i made on September 11th. i went to first period and we joked and laughed and the world was happy go lucky. As I was running to beat the bell for second period, i slammed the door closed to the locker room, and when i looked around, i saw shock and tears streaming down every girl's face. I was stunned and I thought someone had fallen in the locker room, but as i turned the corner, a site i will never forget caught my eye. There was a huge huddle of girls sitting in the floor and we were all watching the same tv tell us that our country was under attack. None of us believed it as we sat there and watched live as the second plane hit the WTC. then the images of the pentagon were flashed across the screen and it all seemed so surreal. When the bell for third period rang, I remember a hushed sound in the halls and everyone, if talking at all, was telling of the events. I got to third period faster than ever before, and i sat down to be greeted by the images again. Then a classmate came running into the classroom with tears straming down her face, and took her seat in the back of the classroom. I wouldn't find out until much later that her family members were in the trade center and didn't manage to make it out safely. I remember hearing my teacher mumble the words "please don't forget where you were today because this is a day you will never forget!" I was never so happy in all my life to hear the lunch bell ring. i ran to the telephone and called my parents to see if they'd heard and I just wanted to hear their voice! i went the whole day, eyes glued to the television and I remember making my dad speed home just in case something new happened. I will never forget the hate i felt as i heard of the attacker and how they had managed to do something so huge. I was so mad and hurt and shocked, but also, i had emmense pride in my country! I saw flags go up and wave with such a beautiful glow. I saw strangers embracing in the streets all over my town and i saw school memebers resolving petty issues in light of the tragicv events! Spetember 11th will stay with me forever. it is a day I will never forget.
Lacey | 15 | Tennessee

#1326 | Monday, May 27th 2002
September 11 2001 I was at school in Columbia Tennessee. I went into my second block class (French) and my teacher was showing it on the tv. All it was showing was the planes hitting the towers over and over, i cried,, then were heard the stories of people jumping out of the towers and then the images of the collapses it truelly scared me no one know what to expect and still don't 8 months later. We are now at war with the people who did this to us,,,, and my father (in the army) is there... God Bless America


Penny Lyne Sensat | 16 | Tennessee

#1310 | Friday, May 24th 2002
I will never forget the day, as will millions of others. I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was in class and a secretary barged in to tell us the news. We had no idea of the impact of what we had just been told. We raced to a tv set down the hall. The pictures on it looked as though we were watching a movie. Not one sound could be heard, except for sobbing. For over an hour, no one spoke a word. The silence said all that could be said. And,although no one was speaking, I knew in my heart that we were all thinking and feeling the same thing. It was totally unbelievable. No words could ever describe the terror or heartbreak that I felt at that moment. And I will never ever be able to forget that feeling. NEVER.
Jessica Buckles | 24 | Tennessee

#1252 | Sunday, May 5th 2002
I was walking down to the guidance office to get so information that morning, and when i got there the whole office was deserted. I asked someone where everyone was, and they said they were all in the back office watching tv. I walked back there to see what was going on and my breath was just knocked out of me when I saw the tv. A few moments later I saw the second plane strike the WTC. A teacher then walked into the office crying, and when we asked why she said,"My mother called earlier and said she saw the first plane hit the WTC from down the street." After that, I was just standing there watching tv and then the first tower fell. BY this time I was late to chemistry so I walked down there. When I got there, everyone was doing a lab, so they had no idea. I turned on the tv and the room just fell silent. A few minutes later the second tower fell. For the rest of the day we were watching tv trying to figure what was going on. There were reports of more planes that were hijacked and we were all scared to death.
Aaron | 16 | Tennessee

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