#1014 | Thursday, March 14th 2002
On September 11th 2001 I awoke like every other day. My mom works fairly close to the world trade center. When i first heard about the tower getting hit i was scared for my mom and then when the towers collapsed I thought she might have died. Luckily my dad called her and informed the school to tell me my mom was ok. It was horrifying for me ecspecially because i was at the world trade center a month before. All my family in New York was ok. It made me know how much e should appreciate our families. America was hurt but it wont stop us from living the way we do
Curtis Barnhill | 17 | New Mexico

#1013 | Thursday, March 14th 2002
i had just got out of bed and my mom had told me that a plane had hit the WTC. I could not belive what i had seen. Out of no where the second plane had hit. watching this i said to my slef who would do such a thing? I later went to school and herd about the pentagon and the plane in P.A. I watched in horror and shock as the WTC fell to the ground. I could not belive the number of the people who died that day. My dad was at work, we had just talked the night befor about me taking EMT classes. My dad is a fireman and talking to him that afternoon about all the emergentcy workers who lost their lives that day made me want to just sit and cry. i pulled my self togther and just kept going on with life like the President said to.i will never foget were i was on 9/11/01 it has forever changed my life and America.I pray for those who lost loved ones.
Christian | 18 | New Mexico

#992 | Wednesday, March 13th 2002
I was probably getting ready for school when the first plane hit. It was just another regular day... to me. I didn't even watch the news that morning. September 11 was before I could drive myself, so my friend came and picked me up for school, just like any other day. This is when I found out that the world trade center had been hit. It kind of didn't click in until I got to school and saw on the news the second plane hitting the other tower. When I saw that, I immediatly thought of how many people were dying at that very moment. Then in 1st hour we watched the news and that's when tower 2 went down. Some of the students in my class had been talking about other things but when that building collapsed everyone shut up, I'm sure all of America shut up and all anyone could hear was the roar of the building.
Jenna Guenther | 16 | New Mexico

#968 | Tuesday, March 12th 2002
I remember when the first plane hit. I remeber it like it was yesterday. My best friend and i were shooting dove and listining to the radio when a speciel announcement came on the radio telling us about the plane making swiss cheese outof the world trade center. We rushed inro the house and minutes later a second plane hit. I was filled with emotion and most of all I was pissed!During second period i viewed a horrific sight on TV, I saw a people jumping from the burning buildings. This filled me with rage. I thought "its that bad that people would rather take their own lives then to die inside the burning buildings, who ever has done this is going to pay!" i thought of what these people were thinking before they hit the ground and that just filled me with more rage and sarrow. I was having fights with my father frequently that week and I drove home almost in tears witch I would never think of doing, when I got home I saw a huge flag hanging from my windmill and I ran over to my father and hugged him and said I LOVE YOU. All this made me realize how lucky I was to have a family like mine. I ask youn to look baround and appreciate how lucky and blessed you are.

Johnathan Gibbs #9 | 16 | New Mexico

#926 | Monday, March 11th 2002
On September 11th, I awoke to the ringing of a telephone around 7:00 AM Mountain Standard Time. I was trying to sleep in so I went back to sleep. Five minutes later, my mother came into my room with a look on her face that I will never forget. I asked her, "What's wrong" and then, thinking nothing of it, said "what, who died?" She then told me that a plane had hit the world trade center in NYC. I had a vague idea of what she was talking about but did not realize how tall and how many people worked in the bldgs. We rushed to her bedroom to turn on CNN. At about this time, the second plane hit. I was so confused, because I realized that this was not an accident, but, at the time, it did not seem like many people were going to be hurt. We started getting in touch with family members across the nation. I had a cousin who was about to fly to India so we wanted to make sure he was safe. Almost immediately, my friends from Germany called and asked if we were safe. Being in New Mexico, we said we were far away from danger and fine. The third plane crashed into the Pentagon around this time and I found out later that a man I baby-sit for was in the Pentagon (he was safe). As the morning wore on, it became apparent that no one, anywhere, may be safe. I live near an air force base, nuclear storage facilities, two national labs , and my city, Albuquerque, came under heavy security. No one was let off the air force base and my father was sent home because he works in the FBI bldg. I went to school and the staff had set up TV's to watch the news. Class was cancelled at 2:00 PM and I went home, constantly listening to the radio or TV. I was going to fly the next week but my meeting was cancelled. I still remember hearing the sound of a plane several days later and marveling that I had noticed it and hoping that it was going to be safe. ~Christina Crawford
Christina Crawford | 18 | New Mexico

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