#1436 | Wednesday, July 3rd 2002
I was sitting in my 9:30 Geography class when I heard the news. My heart dropped and I was speechless. I felt darkness come over me and a sense of emptyness came into me. I didn't know what to expect next. After class was over I left school, went home and didn't leave the TV for the rest of the day. That night I slept with the TV on not knowing what to expect next.
I also want to say this website is a great idea.

Kyla | 19 | Louisiana

#1222 | Sunday, April 28th 2002
I was getting my children off to school, and my husband was watching the news. He came to our bed room and told me that a plane had just hit on of the buildings of the World Trade Center. As we were watching the live coverage on CNN, we saw the second one fly into the second building. THAT was when my heart sank. I KNEW that we were being attacked. As we watched the next 3 hours unfold, we saw the Pentegon hit, and heard of the the other crash. It was like losing a part of myself. I felt fear for the world. Words cannot describe the shock. We are so far away from New York, and Washington, but it was as if it had happened at my front door, i guess in a way, it did.
Melissa | 33 | Louisiana

#1172 | Wednesday, April 10th 2002
i will never forget that day... where i was and what i was doing at the time of the attack. i was shopping, when i heard what had happened, my knees became weak. all the customers in the store looked at each other in disbelief. we just couldn't understand what had happened. a attack so cruel, so evil commitet by such cowards. to kill thounsands of innocent people? i could not comprehend. i rushed to my car and turned on the radio. and there it was, it was all true! when i got home and saw it on tv, all i could do was cry. i'm one of the few people in the usa, that can say, that i didn't know any of the victims. my heart goes out to all the victims - the ones in heaven and the ones still living. i know it's hard to believe now, but god knows best. he has a special place for all of you. and the guilty will be punished! love you k.m. .......................
k.madere | 32 | Louisiana

#608 | Thursday, January 3rd 2002
I remeber I first heard it on the radio in my car. It didn't hit me for a few hours what had really happened. I was sitting in the living room at my granparents house watching the buildings fall when it finally hit home. I started thinking that it wasn't just buildings falling there were people in there. I then got really scared and nervous. My husband is in the military and was on a rotation at the time of the bombings so I wasn't able to talk to him for about 3 days after. I lied awake nights wandering if the planes flying overhead were going to crash into our home or nearby. I wandered how I would protect my 3 children. I prayed for all the people victimized and that this would never happen again. Our forefathers built this country on what they believed was right. GOD. One nation under GOD! It's sad that it takes an act of evil to bring this country back together.....praying together.
Shondell Purvis | 25 | Louisiana

#550 | Thursday, December 20th 2001
Even though I didnt hear anything about it till 2 days later I was hit and hit hard I had been away from the states I had been in Hawaii but now that I think back I do remeber some people talking about something ike that I remeber when I got back home to look at the news how thats all I saw it scared me I thought it was the start of a war
B.R.Sanders | 25 | Louisiana

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