#2007 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
On September 11, 2001, I was a college senior attending my second to last semester of school. That morning, I was attending an 8 oíclock management class. Towards the end of the class period, we were working on a group project. I remember finishing up a few things and talking with some other people in my group about our project. One of the guys in my group was checking his voicemail on his cell phone when he then had a panicked look on his face and started telling us, ďThe World Trade Center has been bombed! The World Trade Center in New York has been bombed!Ē

Because of the first Trade Center bombing, I donít think I fully realized the extent of the catastrophe. I donít think there was any way for me to understand how horrible it really was. Since I had a break between classes, I went to the computer lab down the hall to check out the news stories on CNN or MSNBC. Several other people sitting nearby were trying to do the same exact thing. We were all looking off of each othersí monitors trying to find a site that wasnít overwhelmed with traffic. At the same time, I logged into my email and found message after message from a Sarah McLachlan email list, all sent within seconds of each other and all pertaining to the attacks. After seeing my inbox, it finally hit me that this was no ordinary day. I think I finally saw a picture on MSNBC but I couldnít get any further to actually read the story. I donít think Iíll ever forget that photograph of the first tower with all of that black smoke.

At that point, I realized that I really needed to go home to see what was really happening. As I was driving home, all of the FM radio stations were talking about the attacks and they werenít playing any music. To hear such a grave tone on the normally light-hearted radio stations was one of the scariest moments in my life. Nobody knew what was going on and I suddenly felt so vulnerable. All of the absolutely terrible things that I never thought Iíd have to worry about in this country were happening to us and we didnít have any control over them. The whole time I was rushing home, I kept thinking, ďHow did this happen to us and why? Arenít we the number 1 superpower in the world? Arenít we supposed to be protected from this stuff?Ē When I got home, my parents had the TV tuned in to one of the news channels. I still couldnít believe my eyes. I stood there dumbfounded with my mouth open. I couldnít even sit down. It really felt like our whole world was coming to an end.

That whole day and the rest of that week and month made me realize how silly all of my small pity problems were. Here I was worrying about group projects and deadlines when thousands of innocent people were fighting just to stay alive. The images that I saw and the emotions that I felt that day will always be itched in my heart and mind. I will never forget what we have lost as a nation because some truly evil people found it easier to hate than to love their fellow man. May all those who lost their lives rest in peace and may those who are still suffering find inner calm.

Noor Ali-Hasan | 22 | Illinois

#1996 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I had almost finished getting ready for work. I always listened to the radio in the morning, and the DJ announced that a plane had just crashed into the WTC. I ran into the living room where my mother had just gotten up. She aked me what was going on, and I turned on the TV. It was minutes before the second tower was hit. In that short time, I went from naively believing that the first plane was simply an accident...praying that it was simply an accident...only to be crushed with the dread of knowing...two could not be coincidence.

I drove to work that day looking over my shoulder at the Sear's Tower, afraid of what I would see.

Jennifer | 25 | Illinois

#1982 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
The Worst of 9-11-01

The first time I heard about September eleventh, I was at home getting ready for school in front of the TV I have in my room. I heard that a plane hit The World Trade Center in New York. I told my mom to come and see this plane crash in New York on the TV. I thought it was just a crash, but about fifteen minutes later another plane hit the other tower and right then and there I knew that this no accident.
When I got to school, my teacher, Mrs. Bernath was listening to it on the radio. She was in tears. I felt like crying too! I felt so bad for the people in the building at the time of the crash. They immediately evacuated the White House. We were told that all planes were to land and that flights were cancelled, but they couldn’t find a couple of the planes. Those planes that were missing, hit the Pentagon in Washington D.C, they hit a field in Pennsylvania and The Twin Towers. All four of the planes had passengers on them.
When I got home I turned on the TV and turned to channel nine to see if anything else happened. Nothing else happened but I did hear that the terrorists were heading for Chicago and that is where I live. They were planning to attack The Sears Tower. I was so scared but I was glad that they didn’t attack. I called my neighbor Julie to talk to her about what happened and she told me that they were taking older men and women that didn’t have kids to fight for America. Now I was really scared because at the time my Uncle Chris was eighteen and he but he didn’t offer to go.
To me this was a horrible event to hear about. This affects me in so many ways that I just can’t explain. I’m just lucky that I didn’t lose anyone to this event. This effects many in millions of ways and it is really sad. I’m sorry that people lost their family and closest friends to something they weren’t involved in. Now is the one year anniversary on this incident and it will be hard for kids, adults and seniors. I’m sorry that this happened and if I had one wish it would be that this never happened and the millions of people who died can be here right now, with their families, home and safe.

Colleen Byrne | 13 | Illinois

#1977 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I realize that no one is going to believe this (I still have trouble believing myself) but anyway. I went to bed on Monday, September 10. I dreamed that night that I was riding on an airplane, and we crashed, but I woke up before I died.

Then, a handful of months later, I dreamed that I was on an airplane again, we had severe engine problems, but we managed to land in the terminal. That next day, the shoe bomb near-tragedy occured.

Finally, in April of last year, I dreamed that I attended a funeral. That next day I found out that one of classmates and good friends had died.

I have had no similar dreams since. Take it for what you want, but it is true.

Neil | 16 | Illinois

#1972 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
Spetember 11,2001 felt like a normal day and it started out as one too. I woke up and got ready for school and went down stairs to eat breakfast. My grandfater always watches the news in the morning but on this morning we were running late so he turned on the TV and i saw the plane crash but i was walking out the door and i didn't think anything of it i didnt even realize that the plan had hit the WTC. So i went on to school like always and 1st hour instead of the channel 1 program that we always watch the news was on and across the bottom of the screen it said plan crashes into Twin Towers. I sat there thinking what kinda of a dumbass hits a building. The the next plane hit and everybody sat there in total shock i think that it was the only time that no body was talking in that English class all year. some of us cried some of us just sat there nobody really new what to think nothing like this had every happened to us before When the third plane hit we really thought that we were goign to war right then and there. Tomorrow is the annerversary and it really doesnt feel like it has been a year but in this year the US has proved how awesome this country really is I LOVE THIS COUNTRY we have came so close and we have so much pride I hope that the world can solve its problems but i will always remember sitting in class watching TV on September 11 2001 and how we walked the halls as zombies and i think that is all we talked about for quit awhile ... The teachers are still assigning papers on it!!

Heather Marquis | 15 | Illinois

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